Conference Call – It’s Far Better for the Environment

It has become more and more common for organisations to become concerned with their carbon footprint, and in particular, how to reduce it for the benefit of the environment. A carbon footprint can be defined as the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organisation, person or product. Notwithstanding the obvious business benefits of reducing the carbon footprint of your organisation, more and more people feel naturally compelled to do their bit for the environment, particularly with the increased media coverage of global warming.

Other than the carbon emissions caused through standard daily operations, the obvious source of unnecessary greenhouse emission expenditure is the travel that employees make via car, aeroplane and train to attend meetings between different sites or customers / potential customers premises. Consider for a moment the amount of travel your work force make on an annual basis, and how many of these meeting actually benefit from meeting face to face with people. Therefore, in order to reduce their carbon footprint, many businesses are exploring ways to cut down on unnecessary travel by communicating in different ways.

One of the best ways of cutting down on unnecessary travel for your organisation is through the use of a call conference service such as WHYPAY? from Nexbridge Communications. This service allows individuals (also known as delegates) to dial into a central conference room and then speak to everybody else that has dialled into the same conference room. This is a fantastic solution for many business, as it enables their employees to hold internal meetings with other staff from other geographic locations as well as potential customers. These meetings can be as small as two delegates, or anything up to one hundred delegates, and there are no restrictions on how many conference rooms you are able to utilise.

It is also worth noting that privacy and security is achieved through by each conference rooms having a unique reference number and a PIN so that nobody other than the delegates that have been invited to the conference can participate. Whats more, these conference rooms can be used at any time, and the access details can be reused as many times as required.

Overall, there are obviously times when it is absolutely necessary to travel to meetings as not all business can be completed without meeting on a face to face basis. However, the flexibility of conference call services such as WHYPAY?, coupled with the extremely low cost of using this solution, means that a business is able to make a significant contribution in reducing their carbon footprint whilst saving money at the same time. For more information on the WHYPAY? service, and how it can assist you in reducing the carbon footprint of your organisation, please visit WHYPAY?.

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