Just How Much Will Your next Conference Call Cost?

Just how much will your next conference call cost?

Save on voice conferences accessed from your mobile phone.

The ‘FREE’ Conference Call Providers

There are many services that are readily available on the internet that purport to offer a free voice conference service. But after looking at the complete service offering, can these services be truly marketed as being free? Yes, there are no charges to set the conference call up, however, the service is usually accessed via an 08 telephone number, and after reviewing the charges associated with dialling an 0844 number, you will see the total cost of the conference is far from free.

0844 numbers are charged at a 9.58 pence per minute access charge from BT landlines (plus the service charge set by the company you’re calling). Most UK conference call providers set a service charge of around 7 pence per minute. That would make a 60 minute conference call from a BT landline cost around  £10. If you called a mobile short code from your mobile phone to access a conference call (the most common type of number provided by other conferencing services for mobile callers) you can expect to pay at least 12 pence per minute! If 15 people were to dial in to participate on a 60 minute conference call exclusively from BT landlines, the total cost incurred (based on the typical access and service charge) by the participants would be a staggering £150.

The 0800 Number Solution

There are alternative conference call suppliers that will offer an 0800 number to dial into the conferencing service. Although this has recently been made free for mobiles, it typically costs the organiser to set up an 0800 dial-in number on their conference room. WHYPAY? does not charge for any of its extra services. Everything provided by WHYPAY? is completely free.

Are There Any Mobile Friendly Alternatives?

WHYPAY? is a unique conference call services that differentiates itself from providers using 0844 and 0800 access numbers and mobile short codes by using an 03 number. 03 numbers must be included in any free / bundled minutes that are offered by both mobile and land line suppliers, meaning that a call to an 03 number will not be charged if the caller has free minutes available. If the caller doesn’t have any free / bundled minutes available, then the call charge has to be the same as a call made to a standard UK area code number (a number beginning 01 / 02).

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