Not All Conference Call Providers are the Same. Why the Access Number Matters

Over the years, we have seen three main types of conference call providers. The first were providers like BT and Arkadin, using a model where the host would pay for the call and all the rest of the participants would dial in via a freephone or landline number. Next came companies like Powwownow which used 0844, 0870 or even 0871 numbers with everyone paying to call and join the call. This had the advantage of distributing the cost of participating in the call amongst all the conference ‘delegates’ and removing the cost of hosting the call. However, the cost of accessing these numbers is significantly higher from mobile phones, leading to something which Ofcom described as “bill shock” in its recent consultation on non-geographic call services.

More recently, services like WHYPAY? have emerged. Calls to 03 numbers must be included in bundled minutes – whether the call originates on a landline or mobile. If the call is made outside bundle, they MUST be charged at geographic rates – i.e. the same as the cost of a call to an 01 or 02 number.

WHYPAY? creates free and permanent conference calls with one click and no bills. With it you can save on average around £130 (for a 60 minute call with 10 mobile users). It’s also the only service offering voice conferencing on 03 numbers, making it totally unique as well as incredibly useful. You may invite up to 100 participants to a call, with no time limits or need to set up the conference call in advance. You can also use WHYPAY? from overseas: Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France and Germany. Even if you’re not in one of these countries, you can still invite people from outside the UK to the conference by using a UK geographic number to access the call.

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