SIP Gateways

Solutions for Call Centres

A Nexbridge (SIP) Gateway is a hardware device designed to allow protocol conversion from ISDN (Q.931) to Session Initiated Protocol (SIP).

When providing a Nexbridge carrier connectivity solution for our customers who do not have an SIP capable PBX; or the ability to utilise one of our other standard dial-in access methods (e.g. IDA), the Nexbridge (SIP) Gateway provides an alternative access route into the core Nexbridge Network. This is achieved by converting the ISDN signalling messages and associated media into a packet based (SIP) messaging structure for ease of call delivery via an IP Transit connection into Nexbridge’s Network.

The installation of the Nexbridge (SIP) Gateway device is usually on a customer’s premise, and is installed between the customer’s PBX and their current ISDN30 provider’s connection. The customer site is assessed, and an IP Transit connection dimensioned for the traffic capacity required. The IP Transit connection is then installed (or adopted if an existing IP Transit connection exists) to provide the route for the SIP traffic to exit the customer’s premise. The SIP based call traffic then enters the Nexbridge core network through Nexbridge’s established high capacity multiple Gb/s links and is routed to the Nexbridge service before onward call termination to its destination.

A by-pass option is discussed with the customer in the unlikely event that the Nexbridge (SIP) Gateway experiences a problem, to ensure that calls can be re-established via the ISDN30 connection.

Inbound call traffic to the PBX is passed through the Nexbridge (SIP) Gateway and delivered as normal to the PBX.

Further information related to the Nexbridge (SIP) Gateway and for further details on access into the Nexbridge Network and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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