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automatic call distribution

The Importance of Voice Quality to Your Contact Centre

/ For Call Centres, Interconnect, Telecoms & Data

In the contact centre industry, the importance of consistently high call quality cannot be understated. It is, after all, the fundamental purpose of a contact centre to make outbound calls to individuals, and due to the significant overheads associated with a contact centre operation, they simply cannot afford to drop calls or have bad call quality at any time. The significance of dropped calls and bad call quality cannot be understated due to the severe impact that it can have on the contact centre operation. This article explores some considerations that are necessary to ensure that call quality doesn't adversely affect your operation.
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What Is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and How Does It Improve the Efficiency of Inbound Call-Management?

/ For Call Centres

Automatic Call Distribution can be summarised as a portfolio of call management features that work seamlessly to deliver inbound calls to the call centre agent that is best placed to deal with the call. When you consider the costs associated with the operation of a contact centre within a very competitive marketplace, it is of critical importance to maximise the efficiency of the contact centre. The summaries below provide an indication of the type of Automatic Call Distribution features are available in the marketplace today, along with the type of efficiency savings that contact centres can expect to make by using them.
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