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How to Handle High Call Volume

/ For Call Centres, Telecoms & Data, TPS Compliant

Many companies in almost every sector have a need to be in contact with large amounts of people at once. Maybe a lot of customers are trying to get in touch to make the most of a special deal, maybe there are an influx of patients trying to get an appointment, maybe you need to update clients on a new feature. Whatever the reason, it isn’t always easy to handle a huge amount of calls at once, but failure to do so could have a truly detrimental impact on your business.
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What Is the Difference Between G.711, G.729, and GSM and Why Does the Codec Matter?

/ For Call Centres, Interconnect, Telecoms & Data

A Codec is a technical term for the following variations, which essentially mean the same thing: compression - decompression / compressor - decompressor / Code Decode. In practice the compression and decompression is done by a computer program for the purpose of transmitting data over a data connection and allows them to be translated when they reach their destination. Within the telecommunications industry, the data transmitted through the Codec would be the packets of data that make up a call.
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