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Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation

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In the wake of the WannaCry cyberattacks, being vigilant and careful with online security, particularly where it pertains to individuals’ personal data, is more relevant and crucial than ever. There can be no hiding from the fact that cybercrime poses a very real, very serious, and potentially catastrophic threat. If this weren’t reason enough to tighten your attitude to your customers’ personal data, the EU will soon be ensuring that you do so. There is now less than a year remaining the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces similar data protection directives the EU implemented in 1995. By 25th May 2018, your company must be fully compliant.
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New EU-Wide Regulations on Data Protection – 5 Key Changes to Be Aware Of

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The European regulations on data protection haven’t changed much since 1995, but the way personal data flows between and within organisations definitely has. Technological developments have meant that personal data is now stored anywhere and everywhere, and it's moving around too. Seem far-fetched? Think about the amount of times you enter data about yourself into forms on websites and apps - that data is normally stored somewhere new, and is all too easily exchanged between different organisations. Think about how many times smartphone apps ask you to grant access to use your location - it's easy to forget how often we share personal data. The way this information flows within and between organisations has changed, and trends indicate that each generation becomes more comfortable than the last about sharing it.
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