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hosted predictive diallers

Outbound Telecommunications – Maintaining a Reliable Network for Call Centres and Enterprise Customers

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The costs associated with the operation of outbound call centres is extremely high, particularly in a situation where a centre has a large number of agents working for them. These high costs are palatable for a call centre when the operation is running smoothly, however, if there were to be a telecommunications issue, or a complete telecommunications service outage, then a call centre would be faced with a situation where they would be incurring all of the costs associated with their operation, but unable to generate any income through sales. In short, in situations such as this, a contact centre would be completely crippled, which makes it extremely important for a call centre to choose a provider that has a resilient and robust network. This article covers a small number of things that should be considered to ensure a network is reliable for call centre and enterprise customers.
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Predictive Diallers – They’re Only as Good as Your Data

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A dialler will call a list of telephone numbers that have been uploaded to it and then connect the call to a person that works within the call centre, typically referred to as an agent. A predictive dialler takes this concept a step further by using complex algorithms that are designed to reduce the amount of time that an agent will spend waiting for the next call, whilst reducing the chances of a call being made to somebody and there being no agent to speak with them.
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What Is A Virtual Call Centre?

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A virtual call centre is a concept whereby call centre agents do not operate from a single location, but are geographically dispersed instead of operating from work stations within their employer's premises. Typically this scenario works by having all of your call centre agents working from home, or alternatively in smaller groups. This setup doesn't have any impact on the ability of a customer being able to contact one of your contact centre, as calls will automatically be distributed to the remote locations wherever they may be. Many organisations choose this model for a variety of business benefits, including:
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