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How a Company Selling Nuisance-Call Blocking Services was Fined £40,000 for Making Nuisance Calls

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Nuisance calls are something which all companies should avoid at all costs. It doesn’t only hurt the people receiving them, but it hurts the telecommunications industry and its public perception. People never want to receive cold calls, but there have been cases of parents waiting for medical updates regarding their children, elderly people being awoken in fear in the night, and many, many more instances that are worse than just a mildly annoying disturbance as you’re doing your weekly shop. Still, even when only minor damage is caused, there is still inconvenience and upset which is always going to put companies’ relationships with their customers in jeopardy.
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Regulatory Update – ICO Privacy Seals

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The ICO has announced it will go ahead with the implementation of its privacy seal schemes. This will mean companies can receive a "stamp of approval" regarding data protection regulations, which will prove that they are serious about their customers' personal data. Organisations that show good practice will be awarded the privacy seal by ICO approved third party schemes, which will be designed to operate in different sectors/industries. The ICO has stated that some of these schemes could be operational as early as 2016.
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