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The T.38 Fax Relay Standard – A Brief Overview.

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Fax, also known as facsimile, involves the transmission of scanned material via electronic signals through a telephone system. Once this information has been transmitted, the device receiving the information (typically a fax machine) will convert the electronic signals into an image. The use of fax machines to transmit images and information has declined over recent years due to the emergence of internet based technologies such as email, however, there are many industries that still rely on faxes to transmit information such as financial records and signed contracts.
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Social Media and the UK Contact Centre

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Social media is a term used to define the concept of the creation and exchange of user generated content via web based and mobile technologies. It is almost impossible to ignore the significant impact that social media has had on the every day lives of a large percentage of the worldwide population. Social media allows people to communicate in ways that have never truly been leveraged successfully by contact centres, however, based on some recent trends, this could all be about to change.
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