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What is Outsourcing? What are the Benefits for the Sales and Customer Service Functions?

/ For Call Centres, Interconnect, Telecoms & Data

Outsourcing is the process of hiring an independent organisation to carry out a business process which was previously performed internally. Outsourcing is very common and is used in a great variety of industries, from animations to IT. It's a useful and valuable way for a company to spend its money, as often it allows that company to focus on more important aspects of their work, saving time and money. For example, someone running an online shop may be more concerned with providing good-quality clothing on time than learning how to create and manage the website, and so would find a separate IT company to do this. Essentially, it's like paying your big brother to do your Maths homework so you can spend more time doing your History project. One particularly common form of outsourcing is placing companies' call centres abroad, typically in countries such as India.
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The Significance of High Quality Data When Running Outbound Campaigns

/ For Call Centres, TPS Compliant

The quality of the data used by a call centre is of fundamental importance in all campaigns that are undertaken. If the data used is of a high standard, then it is much likelier that the campaign will be a resounding success on the basis that you would expect a higher contact rate on higher quality, and typically newer data. Conversely, if the data is of a poor standard, then the call centre will have the odds stacked against them in trying to achieve any targets for the campaigns they are involved in as there are likely to be telephone numbers and contact details that are incorrect on poor quality, and typically much older data. When high, and poor quality data are compared on this basis, it would appear foolhardy to use poor data in any campaign, but the reality is that high quality data can be extremely expensive.
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