WHYPAY? Callers Have Saved £1.5 M So Far This Year

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The free conferencing service provided by Nexbridge is saving users hundreds of thousands of pounds in call charges every single month. So far this year, mobile users alone have saved an estimated total of 1.5 million pounds. This is because calls to WHYPAY? are actually included in the bundled minutes that are part of most mobile phone contracts.
On Track to Save Over £3 Million This Year
Recently Ofcom introduced some significant changes to call charges for service numbers. Most other conferencing services provide service numbers or voice short codes for dialling into conference calls. This has meant that the cost of calls to some of the dial-in numbers provided by other conferencing services have actually increased for mobile users. Based on the new cost to call an 08 conferencing number with one of the UK’s largest mobile networks, WHYPAY? is on track to save callers at least £3 M this year for mobile users. 

How do we get this figure?

WHYPAY logo FWe take the total number of participants that dialled into a WHYPAY? conference each month from a mobile phone, and combine this with the average call duration of a WHYPAY? conference call. This gives us a good estimate of the number of minutes used for mobile users. We then assume our users dialled into a paid conferencing number such as an 0845 number (costing 40 pence per minute for access alone with most UK networks), and calculate the cost based on this charge.

Many other conferencing services (even some that still brand themselves as “free”) use service numbers, or paid mobile voice short code numbers, which participants must dial to gain access to a conference room.

But because WHYPAY? uses an 03 dial in number, calls from UK phones are charged in the same way as any call to a UK landline (01 or 02 number). That means calls to WHYPAY?’s 03 dial in number are included in any bundled minutes you have available, whether you have ‘unlimited minutes’ or ‘600 minutes per month’. The rules on calling, and being charged for, 03 numbers were introduced by Ofcom and are available to view here.