4 Tips for Reducing UK Call Centre Costs

Save money / Improve efficiency

(1) Switch provider for reduced call charges

Due to the emergence of SIP based telephony and Softswitch technology, coupled with the recent reduction in mobile termination rates, Nexbridge are able to offer some of the most competitive call charges in the industry. Our call charges are so competitive that many contact centres have found our call charges cheaper than their current call charges.

(2) Implement automatic call distribution features

By using call management features to automatically distribute calls, it is possible to achieve huge efficiency savings for your call centre. For example, in the event of a service disruption for your customers, it would be much more beneficial to play callers an announcement message to acknowledge the issue and ask them to call back later, than have your agents speak to every customer that calls in regarding the issue. Similarly, by using an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu, a contact centre can filter calls through to the appropriate department.

(3) Use cloud based solutions

Over the past few years the significant increase in cloud solutions has been hard to ignore. The main reason for the popularity of these services is the fact that it negates the requirement for hosting services on site at the call centre, which removes the associated provisioning, operating, and maintenance charges. This means that for many contact centres, cloud based solutions are a much cheaper, and therefore, more attractive proposition.

(4) Ensure regulatory compliance

Given the heavily regulated nature of the contact centre industry, it is now more important that ever to ensure that you don’t fall foul of the regulator and incur increasingly high fines. By using services such as TPS Compliant by Nexbridge, you can ensure that you don’t breach PECR by calling TPS / CTPS registered numbers by checking the number called before the call is connected. Numbers that are registered to TPS / CTPS are rejected by the TPS Compliant service.

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