Top Benefits of Virtual Call Centres

In order to succeed, it is vital for businesses to provide excellent customer service to maintain loyal and satisfied customers. Research suggests that consumers still prefer telephonic communication over email and webchats when they need issues resolving. An estimated 30% of us also make at least three calls a month in order to get in touch with a customer care team. And two thirds of customers have said that they would be willing to change their service providers solely to receive a better customer service experience.

Following such research, a growing number of businesses are gravitating towards virtual call centres and the many benefits they offer.

A virtual call centre is a call centre which operates with all of an organisation’s employees dispersed geographically, rather than all working in the same place. This includes individuals working from their own homes, or in several smaller offices. As virtual call centres can be run anywhere in the world, they can help businesses cut costs and reap a number of other rewards. Here are just a few benefits:

1) Geographically Adept

One of the greatest advantages of virtual call centres, is their ability to be set up anywhere and everywhere. As a result of this, they are able to function more independently compared to larger call centres which have hundreds of agents all under one roof. This can be a huge bonus for businesses as they can have operations across the globe, ensuring customer satisfaction remains high with 24/7 helplines available.

2) Easy to Manage

With the increased flexibility which virtual call centres provide, you can spend less time managing the call centre and more time focusing on vital business operations. Through partnering up with a virtual call centre service provider, you gain access to agents which are competent and have received previous training. This means that the process of setting up a call centre is much more efficient.

3) Emergency Preparedness

Virtual call centres ensure that someone is always available to help your customers. If something were to go wrong at a call centre, whether that be technical phone line difficulties or a fire evacuation, your customers will always have someone else to rely on. Having agents dispersed across the country or globe means you always have your back covered.

4) Low Cost

Although call centre outsourcing has always offered low cost benefits, virtual call centres are even more cost-effective for businesses. This is as virtual call centres can offer the same low-cost benefits of outsourcing but with even fewer expenses. Virtual call centre employees are able to work from their own homes, meaning that travel expenses and rent are massively reduced.

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