Teleswitch Softswitch Partition

Focus on your core business

By leasing a Teleswitch partition you avoid significant capital expenditure and operating costs. You are also free of the day-to-day distractions associated with the provision and management of a stable voice and data network. Teleswitch offers customers ability to send and receive SIP signalling messages, enabling you to process calls using your own call distribution and billing platform (or take advantage of Nexbridge’s “My Nexbridge” product);

  • Real time, daily, weekly and monthly CDRs are provided;
  • Access to reports, CDRs, etc via secure web login.

Accelerate the growth of your business

Bring your own number ranges to Teleswitch or take a sub-allocation from Nexbridge. Receive an outpayment on revenue-generating numbers whilst enjoying major cost savings associated with Teleswitch call termination – giving you the edge in a highly competitive market.

You can choose to connect to our partition via a leased Ethernet link or through a public internet connection and you can even opt to collocate elements of your own service alongside our platform.

No operational overheads

With a partition, you can get your new ideas to market quickly, on a pay-as-you-grow basis, with fully scalable and virtually infinite port capacity available to grow into as your business expands.

Teleswitch allows you to focus upon your customers’ needs, whilst we manage the network on which you and they can depend.

Are you a Reseller?

Resellers of inbound numbers for example, have the ability to port numbers to Nexbridge, allowing consolidation of disparate numbers they may have from a number of different underlying suppliers.

With your Teleswitch Partition having the benefit of access to BT IP Exchange via Nexbidge, you can also be confident that you are not only future proofing your reseller business and having access to number porting, but also taking best advantage of outpayments and charges based upon wholesale call traffic pricing, all without the operational overhead of managing your own switching network and interconnects.

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