Reliable and Cost-Effective Access to UK Carriers

Nexbridge’s Teleswitch solution offers interconnection to various Tier 1 carriers. It is maintained by Nexbridge’s dedicated engineering and operations teams, managing the network to deliver stability, resilience and availability. Backed by rigorous Service Level Agreements, Nexbridge deploys some of the most sophisticated network monitoring, fault detection and alerting tools available. These advanced warning systems allow for automatic and seamless switching between networks in the unusual event of a fault being detected.

Handle very high call volumes with the emphasis on quality

Our Teleswitch Platform is a carrier grade, in house built, N+1 architecture, modular softswitch providing high levels of redundancy and resilience. Based upon OpenSIPS and developed by our own highly skilled engineering team with many years of experience of IP based voice networking, our systems have been specified to handle very high call volumes with the emphasis being on quality. The software is housed on industry leading hardware platforms with full vendor support. The codec utilised by default across our systems is G.711 a-law which not only ensures full and un-compressed speech traffic, it also allows for seamless transfer across the network of fax, something that very often gets overlooked in IP networks.

Extensive back-up and security systems in place

The Teleswitch service is run in a main/standby configuration to ensure resilience in the event of a power or connection failure. The primary Teleswitch site is located in a secure data centre, housing switching and associated database equipment with resilient dual power fed racks and data connections.

The site employs UPS and battery backup, with a diesel generator able to take complete site load in case of mains grid failure. The site boasts stable temperature control with air-conditioning through a hot and cold aisle air circulation system. Automatic fire detection equipment is provided together with FM200 fire extinguishant should a fire be identified.

“The Teleswitch service provides peace of mind in relation to service continuity and provides an inbuilt ability to deal with disaster recovery by design.”

A secondary Teleswitch site also comprises a fully redundant data centre in terms of power, with dual fed racks, UPS, battery backup and diesel generator providing consistent and stable power delivery. The environment is also air-conditioned with fire detection and protection provided, complementing the services provided at the primary site.

As well as conforming to ISO standards in both security and quality, our data centres have been built to the industry N+1 standards to provide a resilient and scalable data centre capable of handling our entire network in an emergency situation.

The Teleswitch service provides peace of mind in relation to service continuity and provides an inbuilt ability to deal with disaster recovery by design.

Constant monitoring to ensure optimum performance

Our comprehensive in-house configured network monitoring systems are continually being fine tuned to ensure that we are alerted to not only physical element failures, but also changes in traffic profile or signalling cleardown codes. The knowledge gained by managing our own traffic in this way is employed in managing our Teleswitch customers’ traffic to ensure that you receive the highest levels of call completion and quality.

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