Nuisance Calls

Don’t shoot the messenger! We want to help

Nexbridge is a UK Communications Provider (CP) and Number Range Holder hosting telephone numbers allocated to us by Ofcom, the industry regulator.

Searching online for a number which has called you may identify Nexbridge as the Number Range Holder. We host over a million UK telephone numbers and route millions of calls for UK contact centres and resellers every day. One of these contact centres may have been trying to reach you on behalf of one of its own customers. Please be assured that we are not making the calls ourselves – we operate as a network in much the same way as the provider of your domestic telephone service.

What you should do

  1. Your first step should be to inform the organisation that is calling you, that you no longer wish to receive calls from them. Where sales/marketing calls are concerned, a company must refrain from making further calls if you request that you no longer wish to be contacted.
  2. Register your landline and/or mobile number with the Telephone Preference Service. If your number is registered with the TPS, a company is not permitted to make sales/marketing calls to your number, unless you have previously given them permission to do so. The TPS is a national opt-out register, which allows you to express your preference not to receive unsolicited sales/marketing calls. Please note: TPS registration won’t prevent calls which are not considered to be sales/marketing ‘cold calling’ – for example, market research requests or issue resolutions.
  3. If you have followed steps 1 and 2, and are still receiving calls, you should make a complaint to the relevant regulatory body. Your complaints procedure will vary depending on the type of call you have received. Use the nuisance calls and messages page provided by Ofcom, to find out the appropriate actions to take.
  4. As a courtesy, Nexbridge allows you to make a formal report using our nuisance calls report form below. If you are still receiving nuisance calls having taken the steps above, we encourage you to fill out the form to allow us to investigate for you.

Click here to view Ofcom’s advice page on dealing with nuisance calls.

Report a Nuisance Call to Nexbridge

We are just as keen as any recipient of nuisance calls to ensure that when it occurs, bad practice is quickly stopped. If you have received a sales/marketing call from a Nexbridge-allocated number for which you have not knowingly opted-in, and your number is registered with the TPS, Nexbridge will take serious investigative action to prevent any further calls. In order to do this, please provide the relevant phone numbers below, to enable us to identify whether the number(s) used to call you are hosted on the Nexbridge network, and whether your number is registered with the TPS.

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