Geo-targeted SMS campaigns and how they work

If your company targets a number of customers across multiple locations, understanding the way in which geo-targeted marketing text messages work could be an extremely powerful tool for your business. Geo-targeted SMS messaging brands to send a bunch of texts to their customers based on their locations, making the whole SMS marketing experience even more personalised and unique to them.

A brand which is currently reaping the rewards of geo-targeted text message campaigns is world renowned pizza giant Domino’s. With the chain now holding more than 12,000 stores in over 80 countries, geo-targeted text messaging is vital in order to ensure that each message is relevant to the customer receiving it. It would be of no use for a customer in Mumbai being sent a deal for the “Triple Bonanza” when you collect from any London store.

How does it work?

In order to receive texts from Domino’s in the first place you must visit the signup page of their website and register to receive text offers, email offers or both. Upon agreeing with their marketing T’s & C’s and granting your permission to be contacted by Domino’s, you will be asked as a mobile subscriber to submit your address including your postal code or zip code. Following completion customers will then receive a confirmation text message from Dominos asking that they respond “YES” to confirm their signup. This ensures that they have indeed signed up for text messages rather than someone else using their number without their permission.

With the information provided in the sign up form, Domino’s have access to customers’ postcode and therefore an idea of their location. This enables them to send text messages containing offers for stores which fall within the delivery catchment area of their postcodes. This is a valuable tool which benefits both the company and its clients as it adds efficiency for both parties in that customers only receive offers which are of use to them and therefore are more likely to follow through with.

In addition, Domino’s can use geo-targeted SMS messages to target subscribers within particular timezones. This can be beneficial in terms of the timings of message delivery, for example sending out a great deal just before dinner time. If customers all fall within the same time zone, the same message can be sent out, ensuring that it is scheduled for when people are most likely to be hungry and be tempted by their offers.