How to Handle High Call Volume

Many companies in almost every sector have a need to be in contact with large amounts of people at once. Maybe a lot of customers are trying to get in touch to make the most of a special deal, maybe there are an influx of patients trying to get an appointment, maybe you need to update clients on a new feature. Whatever the reason, it isn’t always easy to handle a huge amount of calls at once, but failure to do so could have a truly detrimental impact on your business.

Luckily, companies like Nexbridge Communications Limited exist to ease the burden. Its Teleswitch Platform can guarantee users high levels of reliability and redundancy, as it is a carrier grade, N+1 architecture, modular softswitch. Thanks to the expertise of Nexbridge’s engineering team, the systems have been specifically and carefully constructed to connect high volumes of calls, without allowing any compromise on quality. The system’s codec is G.711 a-law, which means that you can count on un-compressed speech traffic, as well as seamless and easy transfer across the network of fax – an example of how Nexbridge goes above and beyond, as this often gets overlooked in IP networks.

You don’t even have to worry about ubiquitous problems like power cuts or connection failures, which can have disastrous consequences. With Nexbridge, these are not an issue, thanks to its being run in a main/standby configuration. The primary Teleswitch site is in a secure data centre, on industry-leading hardware platforms. There are resilient dual power fed racks and data connections, UPS and battery back up, and a diesel generator which can avoid catastrophe if a mains grid power failure were to occur. The temperature is carefully regulated and reliable fire-detection and extinguishing equipment is provided, too, just in case.

Thanks to Nexbridge, you can gain affordable access to some of the most sophisticated network monitoring, fault detection and alerting tools that can be found in the field and achieve automatic and seamless switching between networks in the unusual event of a fault being detected, to ensure that your company can rely on being constantly contactable, regardless of how many people are trying to get in touch, or you are trying to reach.

While Nexbridge itself does not own or run any call centres, its services are designed benefit contact centres and businesses which deal with high levels of outbound calls. With them, you can expect not only extremely reliable networks, but 24/7 support if you should have any queries or issues. Thanks to its call delivery via BT Exchange and Tier 1 Carriers, not only can you be sure that your lines will never be down guaranteeing a high quantity of calls, but you will know that your calls are of the highest quality, too.

The key to handling high volumes of calls is having the right support at hand. Seek out a company like Nexbridge which can guarantee it for you. If you are outsourcing contact centre staff, make sure to do your research before making any choices. Find out as much as you can about the contact centre in question, and try to find one which does utilise a service like Nexbridge, so that you know it can guarantee you the high contact rates you need. Then you can also rest assured that your calls will be TPS compliant, to avoid incurring hefty fines.