Not sure how many SIP trunks you need?

Nexbridge now offers bundled minutes to SIP customers routing fewer than 100,000 minutes per month. The new offering from Nexbridge – Call Inclusive – is ideal for organisations which prefer the certainty of a fixed monthly spend. All bundles cover minutes to UK standard landline, standard mobile, 03 and 080 numbers.

“Setting your monthly spend helps you to control your costs and budget more effectively for your telephony. A Call Inclusive call bundle ensures that you can route calls with the confidence of knowing that regardless of whether the call is to a mobile or a landline, you only need to know the overall volume of minutes you expect to call and set your monthly spend accordingly.”

All bundles include SIP connectivity and trunk fees. There is no limit on the number of SIP channels available, but fair usage of channel capacity will be employed across your SIP connection.
Call Inclusive bundled minutes packages are available for dialler traffic as well, and include our TPS Compliant service as an optional extra. You decide whether you’d like these enabled at no additional charge.

To give you an idea of cost, a bundle with 3,000 minutes would be charged at just £60 per month.

Of course, there is a difference between our PAYG prices and bundle minutes prices. Once we understand the needs of your business, we can provide advice to help you choose which is best for you.

The Small Print…

“Why pay per SIP trunk? With Call Inclusive you pay for inclusive minutes that include as many SIP trunk/channels as you need to handle the bundle that’s right for you.”

  • You must have a SIP dialler or PBX for us to connect to;
  • Calls to destinations outside those included within the bundle (specified above) will be barred;
  • Inbound minutes will not be subtracted from your monthly allocation unless they are being forwarded to the PSTN;
  • Inbound calls are included free of charge provided they are return calls for outbound traffic – if a dedicated inbound service is required then additional charges may be levied;
  • Bundles sizes range from 3,000 to 100,000 minutes, with preset sizes in-between;
  • Bundled minutes are allocated monthly, and charges will be collected in advance via Direct Debit;
  • Any unused bundled minutes will not be rolled over to the following month;
  • Your account will be suspended if you run out of minutes in a given month, but you will receive low minutes alerts beforehand and will have the option to upgrade your bundle so as to avoid suspension;
  • Contract term is 12 months.

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