Historic CDRs and How These Might Influence Call Centres’ Future Campaigns

CDR or ‘Call Detail Records’ are historic call statistics that can be retrieved on a regular basis to assist in analysing the efficiency of a call centre and its campaigns. The information that can be obtained from CDRs has the potential to be a key factor in making call centre agents more adept at handling calls. Subsequently this can only improve the productivity of a call centre overall.

CDRs are able to provide you with an accurate picture of how efficient your call centre is. The primary aim of an inbound call centre for example, is to answer calls. The number of calls answered say, per hour, should be of interest to anyone who is looking to analyse the call efficiency of that particular business.

Another use of historic CDRs is that they provide the ability to create bespoke data. They can successfully provide a call centre with the potential to look at months or even years worth of call history. From this information a business is able to tailor its own data, such that when a call is made by an agent, it is done so at the best time based upon that historic data, meaning your customer is more likely to answer the call.

Being able to determine patterns that effectively reveal the best time of day to contact your customers, is key to the success of a call centre’s future campaigns and subsequent improved contact rates. The data gleaned ensures that a call centre can run all of its campaigns at the most effective time of day, month or even year, in order to achieve the best results possible.

In summary, CDR is able to provide key data for the improvement of your call centres efficiency. This valuable tool should be a component of a balanced strategy which takes into account the goals of the business as a whole.

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