How Does Your Customer Profile Impact When You Should Call Them

Calling Profile

The profile of your customers is of significant importance when considering the best time of day at which to try and contact them. We are all individuals that have individual circumstances, and there will never be a situation where a contact centre could gather information on an individual that would guarantee that they would be available to pick up a call at a particular time, however, it is possible to use information that is readily available to profile customers into groups in order to understand when it is more likely that an individual will pick up a call. A campaign manager really cannot afford to neglect the importance of considering the calling profile of a customer, because doing so can make such a difference to campaign success.

A good example of this would be if a contact centre was trying to make contact with individuals that are in full time employment. Due to the fact that these individuals are likely to be in work between the hours of 09:00 – 17:00, there would be no point in trying to make contact with them during this period of time as they are extremely unlikely to be in a position to take a call whilst they are working. Therefore a call centre, would be better of calling this profile of customer at a time when they are likely to be on lunch, or after 17:00 in the evening when this profile of customer are much more likely to be out of work, and as a result, in a position to take a call from a call centre.

Given that the profile detailed above appears to make the hours of 09:00 to 17:00 somewhat redundant, it is important to consider other profiles that would be much more likely to answer a call during these hours. For example, it is much more likely that the unemployed, individuals that have reached retirement age, or stay at home parents would be much more likely to take a call during these times.

In the event that a call centre doesn’t profile their customers and simply loads a batch of data into their dialler, they are likely to face a multitude of issues. For example, if you are making calls to people that are extremely unlikely to be in a position to answer the call, then the data that has been bought in for that campaign is likely to yield an extremely low contact rate. In addition to this, the dialler is going to have to make a lot more calls in order to deliver calls to the agents, which may lead to dialler and agent inefficiencies that directly impact on the performance of the call centre. Overall, the benefits of profiling customers are clear to see if you wish to operate an efficient and successful call centre operation.

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