Information Security

Information Security Management

At Nexbridge, our information security management system is established and maintained under the ISO27001: 2013 standard.

What is ISO27001?

ISO27001 is an internationally recognised standard for establishing, implementing and improving information security management systems. Our implementation of the ISO27001 standard is in accordance with the specific needs and security requirements of Nexbridge and its customers. The ISO27001 standard can be used by internal and external parties to assess Nexbridge’s ability to meet the organisation’s own information security requirements.

Nexbridge preserves the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business and customer information by applying appropriate risk management processes. This system is designed to give confidence to interested parties including Nexbridge service users that their information is handled safely and appropriately and that risks are adequately managed.

Our certification

United Registrar of Systems

Nexbridge’s ISO27001: 2013 certification has been issued by United Registrar of Systems. URS is accredited by UKAS, which ensures that Nexbridge’s ISO27001 certificate is regulated.


UKAS is the single national accreditation body for ISO certifications in the United Kingdom.