New Developments Inbound – More Tools and Solutions For Nexbridge Customers

My Nexbridge

The Nexbridge development team are in the process of releasing My Nexbridge, a brand new account management interface for nexbridge customers. My Nexbridge will give you access to a wealth of tools and information regarding your Nexbridge account, so you’ll have more control over your service, as well as the information you need to keep your communications running efficiently. You’ll be able to view your billing summary and cost break down, access and search your CDRs (Call Detail Records), manage and download your call recordings and much more.

Our mission is to develop a seamless, completely intuitive, highly usable control panel, where each customer will be able to manage their account on any device. You’ll be able to see the information most useful to you. Whether you want to see a complex analysis of traffic behaviour using data visualisations or just a simple breakdown of last months call costs.

Our development team is currently building an API that will allow us to continuously develop customer tools and applications in response to what our customers find most useful. As the telecommunications industry evolves Nexbridge is committed to providing innovative solutions which make us stand out from our competitors, and our My Nexbridge interface will be an essential first step in this process.


With our recent customer survey we asked you what you valued about our service, and what features and tools you would like to see from Nexbridge in the future. We got some excellent responses regarding the kind of inbound features that would add value your businesses. In the year ahead, we’ll be busy incorporating the features you asked for into future releases of the My Nexbridge interface.

Keep your eyes peeled to see what Nexbridge has to offer in 2015. Keep an eye on our social feeds and the Nexbridge blog for further updates.

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