Nuisance Calls – Important and Imminent Changes to the Law

You may have seen on BBC Breakfast today, the BBC and various other news sites, reference to up and coming changes in the legal position regarding the handling of nuisance call complaints.  

In summary, currently, cold calling companies may only currently be punished if the Information Commissioner can prove a call caused “substantial damage or substantial distress”.  From 6th April 2015, that legal requirement is to be removed.

Another change being discussed is that all cold calling companies MUST present a CLI. This has been a requirement for some time, however may be legally enforced. 

Ed Vaizey (HM Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries) was interview on BBC Breakfast this morning, and the aim of this change is to identify and put an end to bad practice in the industry, whilst still supporting a legitimate direct marketing industry.

The full BBC New Report is here: