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Business Tips

How to personalise your customer experience

/ For Call Centres

Call centres handle huge volumes of calls on a daily basis and as a result of the sheer size and scale of the operations which go on, businesses often adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to handling their customer service. However, consumers today are seeking a more personalised experience, therefore making it imperative for companies to tailor their customers’ experience in order to drive consumer loyalty and future sales.
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How to improve communication in your team

/ Conference Calling, For Call Centres, Telecoms & Data

A team that doesn’t communicate successfully is like a car engine which has been broken down into its individual parts. Even if all are in great woking order and looked after, without the rest of the engine components, the individual parts can’t complete what they are supposed to. A team in your business is no different - each member will be working on their own individual projects, however all these tasks combined create the complete picture. Through the implementation of an ongoing communication strategy, every project is far more likely to succeed and run smoothly.
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4 Tips to Calm Irate Customers

/ For Call Centres, Telecoms & Data

All of us have experienced dissatisfaction in a particular product or certain service at some point in our lives. That unsettling feeling that we have been lied to and taken for a fool. Although some of us may be able to let these feelings pass very quickly, there are a number of people who find it very difficult to just let and insist on making those they feel responsible aware of how they feel. Of course, if a customer hasn’t received the standards which they were promised then they are entirely within their rights to raise this issue with a number of staff, however, handling irate customers is one of the greatest challenges for businesses to face.
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