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call centre tips

How to be the best telemarketer

/ Telecoms & Data

The role of a telemarketer is to sell a product or service over a telephone call. These sales agents only have a few seconds to convince a potential client to remain on the line, therefore it is important for them to evolve a strong set of sales skills. The most successful telemarketers are those who truly know their products and hold the ability to answer detailed and complex questions about them.
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Call Centre Mistakes that Drive Customers Crazy

/ For Call Centres, Telecoms & Data

With the increasing level of call centre technology available for businesses, caller’s customer service expectations are at an all-time high. Customers today feel that they should not have to tolerate sub-par services, and many are prepared to take their commerce elsewhere. If you want to ensure that your business avoids falling victim to this then check out three things below you should steer clear of doing.
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Top 10 Tips for Creating Contact Centre Excellence

/ For Call Centres

Whatever the main objectives are for a contact/call centre, they probably have something to do with communicating a service or product, providing assistance, or gaining customer information. But what is it that really makes a contact centre successful in what it does? The modern consensus seems to be that a holistic approach is more important than focusing solely on KPIs like ASR and First Call Resolution. Indeed, only focusing on such factors can severely limit a call centre’s potential. In reality a successful contact centre incorporates good practice in all areas. Read on to find our top 10 tips for creating contact centre excellence by keeping the bigger picture in mind.
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