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call quality

UK Call Centre Voice Networks – Resiliency and Call Quality are Paramount.

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The ability to make and receive telephone calls is something that many of us take for granted, however, good practice should dictate that every contact centre carries out a full and thorough investigation into the resiliency of their telecoms provider to ensure that if a problem occurs, the ability of the call centre to continue operating isn't significantly compromised. Even if your ability to make and receive telephone calls isn't impacted, the degradation of call quality could have an equal impact on the operation of the call centre as a total telecoms outage. For the reasons specified above, it is of critical importance that questions about redundancy and resiliency are asked of your telecoms provider, and questions about the overall resiliency of your call centre are asked. Below are some examples of the types of questions that you need ask of your telecoms suppliers, and the types of action you should take to ensure resiliency:
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