Telephone Preference Service – How and Why Individuals Should Register

For many individuals, the inconvenience and nuisance caused by unsolicited telephone calls forces them into a situation where they feel it is necessary to investigate measures that will enable them to prevent calls of this nature being made to them. The only real option an individual has of taking action in order to stop unsolicited calls being made through to them is to register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

What is the Telephone Preference Service?

The Telephone Preference Service allows individuals to register their wish not to receive unsolicited telephone calls, and it is also possible for businesses also to register this request via the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). The TPS works by maintaining a central database that lists all of the individuals that wish to opt, so that organisations that participate in outbound calling activities are able to establish that these individuals and businesses do not wish to be called.

How to register for the Telephone Preference Service?

Registration for the Telephone Preference Service can be achieved by completing a very simple online form that will take no more than 5 minutes. Once completed, the registration to the central opt out database will take effect in 28 days. Therefore, individuals and businesses shouldn’t expect the registration to take effect immediately.

Things that can affect registration

Individuals and businesses that register with the Telephone Preference Service should be aware that any subsequent authority given to use their data, whether deliberately or otherwise, then the registration to the TPS and CTPS service will not be binding upon the organisations that use your data, and sell this information on to third parties. In effect, forgetting to tick a box when you sign up for something online can render TPS registration null and void.

What happens if you still receive calls after registration?

TPS is a very effective mechanism for preventing unsolicited telephone calls, however, there will always be organisations that choose to ignore their obligations. The TPS regulations are enforced by the Information Commissioners Office, and under the powers given to them, they have the power to impose monetary fines of up to half a million pounds. In the first instance, any individual or business that receives a call whilst registered to the TPS register should visit the TPS website in order to make a complaint.

Overall the TPS service is a fantastic way of registering your request not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing calls. However, there are no guarantees that you will never receive such a call again. It is also critically important to understand how a company will use your data before agreeing to any terms and conditions.

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