The Federation Of Communication Services – Why Membership Matters

Founded in 1981, the Federation of Communication Services (FCS) is the trade association for the communications services industry, and aims to provide a voice for the businesses that deliver innovation into the UK communication market. The FCS represents the interests of UK businesses that deliver products and services to customers via radio, fixed and IP telephony, as well as mobile telephony.

The mission of the FCS is to provide a service to member organisations by helping to establish a favourable operating environment and addressing issues throughout industry, including the following:

  • Access to and use of the radio spectrum;
  • Regulation aimed at securing a fai competitive trading environment;
  • Environmental and corporate social responsibility;
  • Consumer needs and industry self regulation;
  • Technical matters affecting the industry.

There are many significant benefits that members of the FCS enjoy for their business including the ability to represent and promote your company’s interests and views in respect of regulation, legislation, technical standards, and licensing. Through FCS membership, your business is able to take advantage of up to date information relating to future developments and current issues via news feeds, and you will also benefit from the opportunity to influence policy and opinion through member group participation and surveys.

One of the main reasons why the FCS works so well is that collectively the members, and the industries that they represent are able to influence Government and public opinion and share experiences and encourage quality best practice and service. If you consider the fact that in isolation, many of the members of the FCS wouldn’t hold the same power to influence and instigate change as they are able to collectively through the FCS, the benefits to members is clear.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, all members can be confident that the best interests of their business will be served on the basis of the experience of the individuals that make up the FCS Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is made up of many individuals that have amassed a vast numbers of years experience within their specific area of communications, and are best placed to represent the needs of your business and the sector as a whole.

Overall, becoming a member of the FCS is a fantastic way of coming together as a group of businesses in order to be heard as one single voice within the industry.

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