The Significance of High Quality Data When Running Outbound Campaigns

The significance of high quality data when running outbound call campaigns

The quality of the data used by a call centre is of fundamental importance in all campaigns that are undertaken. If the data used is of a high standard, then it is much likelier that the campaign will be a resounding success on the basis that you would expect a higher contact rate on higher quality, and typically newer data. Conversely, if the data is of a poor standard, then the call centre will have the odds stacked against them in trying to achieve any targets for the campaigns they are involved in as there are likely to be telephone numbers and contact details that are incorrect on poor quality, and typically much older data. When high, and poor quality data are compared on this basis, it would appear foolhardy to use poor data in any campaign, but the reality is that high quality data can be extremely expensive.

Due to the fact that high quality data is so expensive, it is typical for a contact centre to try and compromise with data that is neither high quality, or poor, and try other means to maximise the results that they achieve from the data. One way of keeping costs down when paying for data is to profile the type of customer that you will be targeting with the product or service that the call centre is trying to sell. For example, if you are trying to sell a service that has unique benefits to small and medium size businesses, there is no point in buying data that will have records that are large organisations. Therefore, if a call centre identifies the profile of customer that they wish to target, then it becomes easier to justify spending a lot of money on good quality data.

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