iConsole Customer Interface – We’re Almost There

As mentioned in a previous post, Nexbridge is currently redeveloping iConsole – the customer interface that lets Nexbridge customers view and manage their usage and other aspects of their accounts. Our development team have been working very hard to build an interface that has a real focus on ease of use and simplicity.


With most of the major develpment almost complete, we’ll soon be entering the testing phase, and we’re hoping to enter a beta testing period where we invite a very small number of customers to try the application and let us know what they think.

We’ll let customers know as soon as we’ve completed development so that you can make the most of your account with Nexbridge. We really encourage customers to let us know what they think once the application goes live so we’ll be asking for your thoughts a little later down the line so that we can really give our customers what they need.

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