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How a Company Selling Nuisance-Call Blocking Services was Fined £40,000 for Making Nuisance Calls

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Nuisance calls are something which all companies should avoid at all costs. It doesn’t only hurt the people receiving them, but it hurts the telecommunications industry and its public perception. People never want to receive cold calls, but there have been cases of parents waiting for medical updates regarding their children, elderly people being awoken in fear in the night, and many, many more instances that are worse than just a mildly annoying disturbance as you’re doing your weekly shop. Still, even when only minor damage is caused, there is still inconvenience and upset which is always going to put companies’ relationships with their customers in jeopardy.
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How to Handle High Call Volume

/ For Call Centres, Telecoms & Data, TPS Compliant

Many companies in almost every sector have a need to be in contact with large amounts of people at once. Maybe a lot of customers are trying to get in touch to make the most of a special deal, maybe there are an influx of patients trying to get an appointment, maybe you need to update clients on a new feature. Whatever the reason, it isn’t always easy to handle a huge amount of calls at once, but failure to do so could have a truly detrimental impact on your business.
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Top tips for Call Centre Etiquette

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Call centre agents are increasingly becoming the first and only point of contact that customers are having with businesses. Therefore, it’s understandable that any negative call centre experiences can be enough for clients to choose not pursue business with you.
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5 Tips for Outbound Calling Success

/ For Call Centres

It’s no longer enough to identify outbound prospects based on a few key factors such as industry, title or location. The best outbound campaigns involve sophisticated data collection and analysis before any calls are made. A key advantage can be gained by building context around each prospect. This can be done by obtaining a large amount of highly relevant information. In today’s world this tends to be much easier, due to the wealth of information available on various digital channels such as social media. Collecting this data can be done manually by agents, for example by searching names on LinkedIn or browsing company websites. But some campaigns may require more systematic approach, using software to collect and analyse “big data”.
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